Quality products deserve quality adhesives to get the best performance, this is why at SVIG we worked for many years to produce our own adhesives range: ADESVIG

Our wish is to offer our customers a complete kit of dependable products, both rubber and adhesive, to help them avoid the awkward situations that happen when customers come back to repairers complaining about soles becoming unglued from their recently repaired shoes.

But sometimes quality products (both rubber and glue) are not enough by themselves.

How many times does a wonderful rubber product seem to be poor due to gluing problems and so it is rejected by cobblers? If repairers are using a good glue but it doesn’t stick the rubber correctly, they often assume that the problem is due to the rubber quality.

Even expert cobblers sometimes find they are facing something that could be called a ‘non-sticky situation’ but this is almost always simply due to a lack of information about the technical features of a product.

In fact, one good glue is not necessarily good for all the products and repairs. Different rubber compounds and/or repairs require specific adhesives. So here is a simple guide to how the ADESVIG adhesives range is composed and the main advice on how to use different products for every type of rubber made by SVIG.

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