Article published in the Winter 2021 issue of Cutting Edge!

A skin of non-slip Trekking rubber to assure you the best comfort.

How many times did we dream of getting rid of an elegant pair of shoes to finally bring a bit of relief to our feet?   

How many times wearing dress shoes did we risk to slip or to get annoyed by the irritating noise made at every step? We are thinking mostly to ladies….

So many troubles that very often lead us to reluctantly wear or worse to quit our favourite shoes Why do we have to give up being stylish to be comfortable?

As frequently happens the winning solutions are the simplest ones and at hand A skin of soft and comfortable rubber and the game is done!

With this mood SVIG team created the protective sheet art. LA319 Crespino of 1.8mm

A thin sheet with a simple but refined thread, with the SVIG logo slightly readable to give a new chance to elegant shoes, both for ladies and gents.      

Because even a thin layer of high quality rubber can make the difference! 

No doubt about the high quality of Trekking, one of the most successful SVIG compounds, appreciated all over the world mainly for its non-slippery feature and durability.

Being soft and rubbery Trekking compound assures a silent and comfortable walk, and least but not last very safe! In fact as winter tyres grant the best adherence to the ground so does Trekking! It assures the very Best Grip! 

Stylish shoes require a perfectly refined repair, reason why Crespino protective sheets of 1.8mm are matched with (Crespino) top lift sheets in 3 versions: 

2 double-layer versions in XT and Duplesoft compounds, the first harder and stiffer for small-medium size heels, the second one with the tread-layer softer (in Trekking compound too) for medium-large size heels and the third one in Trekking single-layer compound for wider heels.

Born to make dress shoes more comfortable, Crespino sheets in Trekking compound even more so finds its best use in the repair of cushy (comfortable) shoes, sneakers and even as rand for shoe-bords !

Really a great, successful and universal (versatile) product ! The range of available colours and thicknesses is shown in the catalogue and web site

The advantages for specialists (cobblers) are no less: 

Crespino sheet, being so versatile can be used for several and different repairs always granting the very best comfort to final customers!

It is very easy to trim and work and for a strong glue it is enough to use policloroprenic adhesives.

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